Belver de los Montes, a city in the province of Zamora (Castilla y Leon) and judicial Villalpando party consists of 415 people called belveriscos. It is located 689 meters high and covers an area of 68.58 square kilometers. The terrain is flat with some elevations and rocky nature of clay. The most frequent winds are from the West, which often bring rain with annual rainfall of 400 mm especially in winter and spring. There are also snowfalls in December and January to Sequillo River, a tributary of the Valderaduey which runs the city.

The main crops are cereals and vines. Belver, the village’s most wooded surroundings consists mainly of poplars, cottonwoods and almond trees. Concerning its wildlife, it consists of rabbits, hares and partridges.

A special feature is the large number of great sites, including: Aceña, Alaf, las Alconera o las Cruces, el Carrascal, el Castillo, the Chiz, the Dehesa Alta y la Dehesa, FARDET o la Marquesa, the Huelga, the Hurni o el Raso, Los Ingleses, los Llanos, o el Manzanal Masillina the Matilla, Monjonico el, el Monte San Babila, el pago de Vega Vieja, el pago de la Tuda, los Pedroni, las Peñicas, los Pocicos, el Raso, Valorio o la Ribera, el Teso of Horca Aguemazas o, el Valle de la Perdiz.